Sunday, October 04, 2015

Guest Post: Continued Double Standards against Jews in Israeli News

הושענא רבה תשע״ו

by Geula Girl

If you are aware that the war on terror has been re-focused to be war on "Jewish Extremism," and my opinion that this will lead to Mashiach and those who follow him, then it should be no surprise that tonight Jews were labeled "extremist" when they attacked an Arab driver near Mamilla in Jerusalem following the brutal attack by arabs near the old city.

i24 News in their scrolling updates said the following....

"Jewish extremists attack Arab driver"

But the label used for the Arab who murder two Jews and shot a baby was a "stabber" not terrorist or murderer or even Arab.

"Stabber in Old City attack shot by police"

And Arabs who were stoning IDF soldiers in Ramallah were labeled "Palestinian rioters"

"West Bank: Palestinian rioters hurl rocks, Molotov cocktails..."

Guest Post: The Face Of Terrorism

הושענא רבה תשע״ו

by Uri Silberman, The Israel Network

This is the human trash that stabbed two Jews to death. You can tell that his deplorable living conditions led to desperate actions. It's said that he was led to the attack because he couldn't afford a third floor in his Ramallah villa, and this because of the Israeli occupation.

Don't tell me about a supposed silent peaceful majority of Balestinians who are against violence. Enough of that bullshit. These animals, who are singing the praise of the terrorist who killed two Jews are the very vocal majority of Balestinians who encourage and carry out terrorism.

Video: Uncensored Jew
"Arabs from Ramalla together with the parents of the terrorist who murder two people yesterday celebrate his actions...."
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Here is another must see video.

Video: Uncensored Jew
"Is this how you treat a Jew walking to the Western wall with his children?"

Friday, October 02, 2015

Arabs Murdered Jews, so Beware of Jewish Terrorists!

ערב שבת קודש חול המועד סוכות תשע״ו

Rabbi Eitam and Na'ama Henkin hy"d were murdered last night, in front of four of their children, while driving between Itamar and Elon Moreh.

Rabbi Eitam and Na'ama Henkin hy"d
But, what does leftist, Israeli new source YNET choose to report on? "Price Tag" attacks.
YNET: West Bank tensions surge in night of 'price tag' attacks
IDF sends 4 extra battalions to control 'very serious' situation in West Bank; Palestinians attacked in revenge for shooting attack on Henkin family.

Elior Levy, Itay Blumenthal, 10.02.15

Tensions escalated further in the West Bank Friday morning when, just hours after two Israelis were killed in a shooting attack near Itamar, a Palestinian's vehicle was torched and a message of revenge was graffitied on a house nearby in Baytillu near Ramallah

"Revenge, Henkin," read the message on the wall in reference to Israelis Eitam and Na'ama Henkin who were killed in Thursday night's attack. Their four children were with them in the car at the time of the attack but were unharmed.

Police requested that the owner of the house and vehicle file an official complaint so that investigations could begin to catch the culprits.

Friday morning's suspected "Price Tag" incident came after military assessments led to the deployment of four extra battalions in the West Bank overnight. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Poor, poor Pseudostinians!

When Pseudostinians take revenge on Jews for daring to pray on Har HaBayith (Temple Mount) or to visit Qever Yosef (Joseph's Tomb), Qever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb), or Ma'arath HaMakhpellah (Cave of the Patriarchs), it is called "rising up of the oppressed" or "freedom fighting." But, when Jews are frustated, traumatized, and fed-up by a government which refusing to do what needs to be done in order to protect them, then it is not even called "vandalism" or "vigilantism;" it is called "Jewish terrorism."

I wonder just how much protecting of Jews and searching for terrorists those four extra IDF battalions will be doing, and how much protecting of Pseudostinians and kidnapping of random Torah-observant youth for "re-education" (Translation: State loyalism brainwashing).

It is the same old cycle...

(Click to Enlarge)
Meanwhile, nothing is being done to "re-education" Arab youth.

(Video Tip: Ivgeni Zarubinski)

The Jewish People continues to face its greatest challenge ever, to wake up from the confusion, and stand with the Torah, or to stand against it.

What will you decide?

After the murder of the Henkins, readers began writing in with information about the attack.

One reader suggested...
Many contradicting details in the official story. Reminds me of the attack on Binyamin and Tali Kahane hy"d. What a coincidence the Arabs got such a prominent and connected family. Could be the set-up for bringing in international forces to force a "solution."
Already they used this to move four battalions of soldiers into Yehuda and Shomron.
How convenient to have alleged attacks on Arabs by Jews days after Abbas begs the international community for protection. The fact that two Jews were murdered by Arabs is irrelevant to them I guess.
Food for thought.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Christian Zionist Welcome Song!

ד׳ חול המועד סוכות תשע״ו

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or your false deity!

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or your love and validation!

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or your false messiah, your false "rebbe," or whatever you happen to be calling him these days!

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or avodah zarah parade!

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or your volunteers, saying "God" out loud in your prayers, but secretly thinking about Yoshke!

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
Christians get out!
We don't want you here.

Christians get out!
We don't want you here.
We don't want you, or your money either!

Ms. Hotovely Goes to the United Nations!

ג׳ חול המועד סוכות תשע״ו

Arutz 7: Deputy FM Demands Abbas Stop Incitement
Conflict will only end when PA changes its priorities of violence, Tzipi Hotovely tells international officials in New York.

Eliran Aharon. 10/1/2015

While attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely held a series of high-level meetings with several international counterparts.

Ban-Ki Moon
United Nations Clown General
Hotovely met Wednesday with US Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other senior officials, including the foreign ministers of the European Union, Jordan and Norway.

She also spoke at the annual donor conference held at the UN, where she stressed Israel's commitment to fighting terrorism.

"The world today is faced with the rapid spreading threat of radical Islam. In the face of [this threat], Israel is both committed to preserving the concept of international as well engaging in an uncompromising battle against terrorism," she said.

In the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict, Hotoveli told the forum of foreign ministers that the conflict would only be resolved when "the moral infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority has changed."

"As long as Palestinian children dream of becoming an engineer to bomb the Jewish state, all the economic efforts have failed," she said.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also addressed the recent change in the international narrative regarding Israel's rights to Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.

"I call to restore freedom of religion to the Temple Mount, to stop the violence, to stop the 'robbed Cossack' cry of Mahmoud Abbas in regard to the Temple Mount, which he persists in inciting over," she concluded, using an old Jewish adage in which the perpetrator pretends to be the victim.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Hotoveli told the forum of foreign ministers that the conflict would only be resolved when "the moral infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority has changed."

"As long as Palestinian children dream of becoming an engineer to bomb the Jewish state, all the economic efforts have failed," she said. 
Seriously? She thinks the moral infrastructure of B'nei Yishma'el (Arabs/Muslims) could possibly change?

Fatah Emblem
This "dream" of Pseudostinian children ever has a chance of ceasing to exist?

She cannot see that "economic efforts"  have absolutely no chance of succeeding?

Has Hotovely ever taken a look at the insignia of Abba's Fatah Party? Apparently not. Dep. FM Hotovely, they want it ALL!

But Hotovely's last statements about Har HaBayith (Temple Mount), and blaming the victim (which I wrote about 12 years ago) sure sound good, right? Wrong! The only correct statement would have been proclaiming Jewish control over Har HaBayith.

Dep. FM Tzippy Hotovely with U. S. Sec. of State John Kerry
Naftali Bennet
Jewish Home Party Head
A House of Prayer for all nations? Umm,...not quite. But, that is a post for another time. Anyway you look at it, though, HaBayith necessarily being completely under Jewish control cannot be disputed.

Oh sure, Hotovely is saying all of the right "diplomatic" (Hasbarah/PR) things. But, as long as she continues to insist on identifying herself as a "religious" Zionist, just like Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), I will continue to call her out on her statements, which are contrary to Torah,...not to mention posing for photos with filthy Jew-haters like John Kerry.

Most of the time, I feel that the best way to describe the Israeli Government's approach to solving the so-called "Arab-Israeli Conflict" can be summed up by the following video clip starring Pee-Wee Herman

I know. Pretty sad, huh?


Note: I have posted photos of women on this site before. So, no one can say that the greyed out face and neckline of Hotovely above is anything more that a commentary on Hotovely herself, and not women in general. OK, well, I suppose that the neckline part is.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Abbas Threatens to Stop Abiding by the Oslo Accords!

ג׳ חול המועד סוכות תשע״ו

This was PA President Mahmud Abbas's "bombshell" he dropped at the United Nations? The bombshell that the U. S. Secretary of State actually put effort into pressuring him not to drop it? Seriously?

(YAWN) Abbas threatens to stop abiding by Oslo Accords in UN General Assembly speech
Danielle Ziri, 09/30/2015

The Palestinian leader's speech comes amid continued clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

“Israel must assume all of its responsibilities as an occupying Power, because the status quo cannot continue,” President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas declared in his speech in front of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

Abbas made clear that the Palestinian authority was no longer bound by the Oslo Accords, signed 22 years ago. According to him, Israeli settlement activities and refusal to release the fourth group of Palestinian prisoners during the US-backed peace talks last year, show Israel is not committed to the two-state solution.

“We will not remain the only ones committed to the implementation of these agreements while Israel continuously violates them,” Abbas said.

The annoucement came after the Palestinian leader had promised to “drop a bombshell” during his address. In the days before the speech however senior palestinian officials had said that Abbas may not do so after pressure from US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Mahmoud Abbas also urged the General Assembly to grant Palestine, which only holds the status of an observer state at the UN, full recognition and membership.

He also added that it is “unreasonable and painful” that the question of Palestine “unjustly remains unresolved.”

“The question of Palestine was one of the first just issues brought before the United Nations from the time of its inception, and yet it remains unresolved until this moment,” he said, “The United Nations and its members continue to be unable to end this injustice inflicted upon our [the palestinian] people and to assist our [the palestinian] people to exercise their right to self-determination and freedom in their independent and sovereign state.”

Speaking about internal Palestinian politics Abbas assured the General Assembly that he is “determined to preserve unity” and form a national unity government that functions according to the program of the Palestine Liberation Organization through presidential and legislative elections. “We will not accept temporary solutions or a fragmented State,” he said.

Mahmoud Abbas also spoke about the situation on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He said that “extremist Israefi groups are committing repeated, systematic incursions upon Al-Aqsa Mosque” under the protection of the Israeli government.

“We will not accept this, and the Palestinian people will not allow the implementation of this illegal scheme, which is aggravating the sensitivities of Palestinians and Muslims everywhere,” he added.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
U. N. 1947 Partition Plan
Since when have the Pseudostinians ever held to the Oslo Accords?


Fourth release of Arab terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands shows that "Israel is not committed to the two-state solution."

Oh, if only that were so!

Unfortunately, all is means is that the Israeli Government was not feeling as suicidal at the time, as it usually does.

PLO Insignia
“The question of Palestine was one of the first just issues brought before the United Nations from the time of its inception, and yet it remains unresolved until this moment.”

That it was. However, Abbas conveniently neglects to mention here that the Arabs rejected the United Nations partition of 1947. Instead, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt preferred to wipe out the Jewish People within their grasp, and take all of Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel) for themselves. The country of "palestine" is not included here, because it has never existed. Jordan was in possession of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), and is still in possession of Har HaBayith (Temple Mount), where Jews are still not allowed to pray.

Fateh Emblem
From the PLO insignia which was worn proudly on Yassar Arafat's arm to the Fatah emblem of the so-called "moderate" Arab terrorists of Mahmud Abbas, to Mahmud Abbas himself, the Arabs do not simply want Yehudah and Shomron. They do not want the 1949 armistice borders. They do not want the United Nations partition plan of 1947.

Mahmud Abbas's Vision of Palestine
The Arabs want ALL of Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel), to literally wipe us off of the map.

Are people, the "international community" and Jews like, that blind? Apparently so.

The only other question remains is: "What exactly was this idiotic rouse supposed to be distracting us from?"

Oh, I don't know, maybe that ISIS and Russia are at at our doorsteps, and that news out of Jordan regarding the ISIS threat is conspicuously absent.

When Jordan falls, it was suggested that the Jordanian Hashemite Royal Family could just extend their stay in the U. S. They are currently their for the United Nations General Assembly.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lulav Decoration/קישוט הלולב

ב׳ חול המועד סוכות תשע״ו

Upon seeing my lulav, I cannot tell you how many times people have make comments about how hippy-dippy my lulav looked, or that I made this up, or that there was a problem with hatzitzah, separation between the parts of the lulav, and thus disqualifying it for use.

Needless to say, I encountered a lot of people who made it there business to tell me such things.

But, actually...
משנה תורה ז,י [יא]
עשה לאגודה זו גימון של כסף ושל זהב, או שכרך עליה סדין ונטלה--יצא:
Mishneh Torah, Laws of Lulav 7:10 [11]
If one wraps a silver or gold chord around the bundle, or wraps cloth and took it up, he has fulfilled his obligation [of the mitzvah].
לפי משנה סוכה ג,ח ותלמוד בבלי מסכת סוכה לו,ב שימוש בגימון של זהב מעשה אנשי ירושלים. ואז אני שמח להשתתף בחידוש המנהג הזה!

חג שמוח!

Specifically, the use of a gold chord appears to have been something done by those in Jerusalem (See Mishnah Sukkah 3:8, TB Sukkah 36b), so I feel great about doing my to bring this custom back!

Hag Same'ah!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Yair Naveh as Police Commissioner? This is Bad, Very Bad.

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ האזינו תשע״ו

Ma'ariv via Ex-Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Naveh to be considered for police commissioner position

Following the revocation of the candidacy of Gal hirsch, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan looks to other potential candidates to fill the position of police commissioner.

After the candidacy of Gal Hirsch for police commissioner was revoked on Wednesday, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan continued to work to find a suitable candidate for the job who can be the driving force behind the reforms needed in the police forces.

According to sources, the name currently buzzing in the offices of the Ministry of Public Security is Major General Yair Naveh, age 58, former Deputy Chief of Staff, who reached the final rounds in the race to become chief of staff which he lost to now retired General Benny Gantz.

Naveh's candidacy was put forward by Education Minister Naftali Bennet during the stages when the role was intended to be filled by his party, but when the time came to make a decision regarding the position of police commissioner, Erdan overlooked Naveh and instead tapped Hirsch. According to inside sources, Erdan is now backing Naveh's candidacy. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Gen. Yair Naveh
Of course, I was angered by the suggestion of Yair Naveh for the position of Police Commissioner, and before that, IDF Chief of Staff.
(Wikipedia) Naveh was previously the head of Israeli Home Front Command until nominated by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to his post as Central Command chief. It is believed by some Israelis that Sharon nominated Naveh because he is the highest ranked religious officer and that as head of Central Command, he would be forced to carry out the evacuation of West Bank settlements in 2005.[2]
Yair Naveh is the general who was appointed to protect Jews in the Shomron (Samaria), yet it seems that he mostly did the opposite. The following is a translation of a poster put out by the Lev Yehudi (Jewish Heart) organization in 2007, to provide you with some examples of what I am talking about:
1. Expulsion

Yair Naveh, as general of the central command, was the commander over the expulsion of Jews and the destruction of Jewish towns in the Northern Shomron, a year and a half ago.

2. Pogrom

Exactly one year ago, Yair Naveh was the commander over all of the Yasam (riot police) and regular police forces which implemented the intentional pogrom in Amona.

3. Incitement

Yair Naveh incites additional expulsion and uprooting
the uprooting of hilltop [communities] in Judea and Samaria, in his own words, calling them "rebellious strongholds."

4. Silent Expulsion

Yair Naveh has signed over 20 restraining and keep-away orders against town and hilltop residents, expelling them from their homes and families, for many months, without any due process, nor any compensation.

Are the kippah on Naveh's head or his positive, past acts able to cover up his crimes?(cont.)

Lev Yehudi
Religious, huh?

He completed ignored the request to appear before Rabbi Yisra'el Ariel's Beth Din to answer for his traitorous acts (Beth Din's words, not mine). Then when the Beth Din held theoretical discussions about the possible din (status) of Yair Naveh, and which punishments the Torah would dictate, Rabbi Yisr'ael Ariel was arrested and interrogated.

Arrested and interrogated for Torah discussions! But, the two could not possibly be connected to each other, right?

Anyone who thinks that rabbis are running this State, and not the Israeli [in-] Justice System is just wrong.

Incidentally, another strike against Naveh is that he briefly the CEO of the super disastrous CityPass company which built, and now operates the Jerusalem Light Rail.

But, however angry I was to learn of Naveh's name being suggested for the position of IDF Chief of Staff, and then for Police Commissioner, I was even more angered that his name was put forth by none other than Jewish Home Party Head Naftali Bennett.

Naftali Bennett
Loosing his kippah/working his magic!
Naveh is not a Religious Zionist (in my opinion), who believes in truly Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel). He is a government lackey, who was indoctrinated into die-hard State loyalism long ago in educational institutions like Yeshivath Netiv Meir, where none other than MK Elazar Stern was one of his classmates. Need I say more?

Of course, Naftali Bennett is even worse (in my opinion). Not only does appear to be completely confused as to what Torah is and what Israeli law is, and that there is even a difference, but he is "loved" by the numbed out Jews of this country, and very much in a power to push his agenda.

Wake Up! Ann Coulter Is Right!

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ האזינו תשע״ו

As usual, Jews are all up in arms about Ann Coulter's latest tweet, and her use of an expletive,, and intensifier. Seriously?

I wonder if they realize just how much free publicity they are giving her?

But, I digress...

As a Jew is doing the best he to do what he is supposed to do, that is following the Torah, including living in Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel), the Jewish Homeland, not only am I not surprised by Ann Coulter's statement, but I also agree with her,...sort of.

Like it or not, everything in the U. S. Government and news media does seem to be too focused on Israel.

Aren't there a few other things more pressing on the minds of American politicians, such as the drought in California (not to mention its water-hogging, Federally protected minnow), renewable energy, the slavery of American citizens to the banxsters, or how the current administration has already decided what to do, or rather what not to do about its borders and inflow of illegal immigrants (and Muslim terrorists), and that it seems that the next administration, Democratic or Republican will probably not do anything much differently?

Then, of course, there are the various American Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] and American Israel Political Action Committee [AIPAC], which I will continue to consider to be absolutely worthless, until they finally start advocating mass aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel). Apparently, they do not have anything better to do than to whine about people calling us names.

Get over it! Do something actually helpful! Send a disabled Jewish kid to camp! Feed the Jews living under the poverty line! (Yes, there are such Jews.) Fund Jewish education! Of course, I mean real, Jewish education, not that Torah-distorted, "do what I want" crap, "Jewish leaders" are trying to pass off as Jewish.

Now, as for Ann Coulter, although she deserves brownies points for mentioning the ever present elephant in the room, as does she for pointing the following observations in her in the Jewish Press (July 4, 2006).

By the way, Ann, the brownies are pareve, dairy-free, so you can eat them after a steak. Oh, wait a minute! Ann Coulter's a shiqtzah, so she doesn't have to worry about all that. Yes! I used that word! Heaven forfend!

Yes, I did use that word! Get over it! For all I know, Ann Coulter has used the word herself. Oy Gevald! I just called Ann Coulter a name. Do you think she cares?

I am guessing that Ann Coulter doesn't give a rat's tuchus as to which names she is called, or what most other people think of her. And, I believe that we (co-dependent) Jews would do well to take a lesson from Ann Coulter on this point.

We need to stop worrying about every time calls us a name, like that's never happened before in history. We need to stop worrying about what other nations think of us, and worry a little more about what we think of ourselves. Oh, and perhaps think more about what God thinks of us? Nah! Why should we worry about that?! (sarcasm here)

Here are some snippets from the Ann Coulter's interview in the Jewish Press:
Why, when it comes to terrorism in Afghanistan or Iraq, does the U.S. apply a strong hand – but when it’s Palestinian terrorism against Israel, there’s not the same tenacity and determination?

Probably because of the formidable left-wing lobby, which has now added anti-Semitism to its sins. (I guess that makes left-wing Jews self-hating. But, I've been saying that for years.)

Have you ever written about Israel? If not, why not?

I rarely write about any country other than the U.S. There are too many big juicy fish to fry right here at home! Also, I’m a Protestant girl from Connecticut and there are many other capable writers who know a lot more about the subject than I do. In fact, I just started a screenplay about a Connecticut shiksa like me trying to become an expert on Israel. It’s called “Mission Impossible IV.” (See?! I was right! She has used this word to describe herself!)

What are your feelings about the disengagement from Gaza last year? Since Israel’s withdrawal from the area over 500 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Jewish communities. Al Qaeda has moved into the territory abandoned by Israel. Iran is looking to establish an embassy there. Egypt has accused the Gaza terrorists as targeting them as well.

My first thought is that the Jewish people may not drive as hard a bargain as I’ve always been led to believe. I take it this is part of a long-term Israeli strategy to achieve lasting security by giving up some disputed areas while re-doubling efforts to protect their new, smaller boundaries with measures such as the security wall, which I understand has been very effective in keeping suicide bombers out. By the way, would you happen to know where the U.S. could get one of those walls? One about, oh, seven hundred miles or so long? No special reason, just curious. (I hope people understand that she's being sarcastic about Israel's "brilliant" strategy. You never know....)

What about the planned withdrawal from the West Bank, from which rockets can hit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel’s International Airport?

If you start a war and lose, you lose your land. Next.
Do we Jews have such short memories? Halavai there should be many more Ann Coulters able to make such observations, and not afraid to say them out loud. So, she says that Jews need to be "perfected." I think that she needs to be perfected. Who cares??
Ann Coulter doesn't.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eid Mubarak! Happy al-Adha!/عيد مبارك! عيد الأضحى

 י״א לחודש השביעי תשע״ו

Um, But, now that I have your leftist, Islamo-slobbering attention....

Who else was awoken at 6:00am this morning by the muezzin (caller to prayer)? After years of living in the Shomron (Samaria), I thought I had habituated to it, and I had. Here in Jerusalem, next to an Arab neighborhood, my successful habituation has been holding up.

However, this morning, we were awaken by special prayers and sermon, and particularly loud ones at that, for the Muslim Eid al-Adha, which celebrates the conclusion of the Hajj to Mecca, and commemorates the Muslim belief that Avraham brought his son Yishma'el for sacrifice. Even though any Jew would tell you that Avraham brought his son Yitzhaq to be sacrificed, while Yishma'el waited at the foot of the mountain Har Moriah (Temple Mount), with his servant Eli'ezer, and the donkeys.

This is why I was taken aback by the Times of Israel's Eid Mubarak (Blessed Holiday) greeting yesterday evening after Yom Kippur, not just condoning, but celebrating kefirah (denial of the Torah).

In addition to their distortion of one of Avraham's aforementioned tests (10 tests in all, Mishnah Avoth 5:), Muslims will tell you that the Ka'aba, which was recently threatened with destruction by a falling crane, was built by Avraham, and that their pebble throwing at a representation of Satan cam from Avraham as well. Even though pebble [not stone, not rock, not sticks, but pebble] throwing was associated with the worship of Mercury, long before the invention of Islam.
הלכות תשובה ג,יז [ח]
...והאומר שהבורא החליף מצוה זו במצוה אחרת, וכבר בטלה תורה זו, אף על פי שהיא הייתה מעם ה', כגון הנוצריים וההגריים....
Law of Repentance 3:17 [8]
...And one who says that the Creator exchanged one mitzvah (commandment) for another, has already cancelled the Torah itself, even though he says that it [the Torah] was from The Almighty, like the Christians and Muslims....
This provides us with yet another reason what the Times Of Israel should be more aptly called the Times of Arabia.

As a self-proclaimed Christian, who is also supposed to to believe in the Written Torah, and thus Avraham's sacrifice of his son Yitzhaq, not Yishma'el, it seems that U. S. President Obama is also suborning denial of the Bible by wishing Muslims a "happy holiday." US President Obama wishes Muslims 'Eid Mubarak'

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday sent holiday wishes to Muslims around the world celebrating Eid al-Adha on Wednesday.

"As more than 2 million Muslims from around the world and across the United States mark the end of their holy pilgrimage of Hajj in Mecca, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslims around the world celebrating Eid al-Adha," Obama stated.

"This pilgrimage and Eid is about sacrifice, almsgiving, and equality," he said, adding that the Hajj is reminiscent of the principle upon which the United States was founded: e pluribus unum – out of many, one.

Obama also praised the spirit of giving to the needy on Eid al-Adha, stating that "Muslim American organizations are among those at the forefront of attending to victims in this refugee crisis."
Of course, the "crisis" is not really a crisis, and Islam has nothing to do with equality.
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